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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, March 10, 2008

on a rainy day, princess and i went to...
IKEA @ tampines.

food always comes first!
two gluttons indeed!
princess's laksa

my favourite meatballs!

nuggets with chips
(from the kids meal)

princess cake for me

since i stole her cake...


then we went shopping of course...and here's the only two photos we took 'cos we were too busy choosing our items. especially lightings. we just couldn't make up our mind.

i know i look supppper retarded
but since i thot that huge lamp look like fishing rod with the bait
so i pretended i was the fish -.-
after 3hours...

we got the whole fully trolley of beauuutiful stuffs.
and so we had a terrible time going home.kinda embarrassing.
two girls with 3 gigantic shopping bags.
nonetheless, we had fun!

back at home....i emptied my bags to show my folks what i've got in my two bags.

i shall leave the packing work till later.
i cant resist my dinner!

what's better than having curry fishhead on a cold monday.
can't wait to bring love to see that bed frame i adore.
love love love at first sight!
ps. SHIYUN! i forgot to buy the 90cents mousepad! and why are you always not online?

(L) alphabet A
3:30 PM