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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, March 14, 2008

My heart feels like a butterfly, fluttering around and around.
So light, so care free, so ecstatically content.
Your words so right, it sweetens my soul.
Actions from the heart, you gave it your all.
Waking up to you all over my mind, your touch still lingering on every inch on my skin.
Its all sinking in, this intense feeling.
This love.
I love each and every once a lifetime moment I share with you... today, tomorrow, forever.

i was complaining i cant taste my food so i had no appetite.
i dial my favourite hotline and demanded for a 7inch pizza
half hawaiian, half meat lover
in half an hours time,
the pizza man aka my bf brings back dough and the ingredients.
he knew i was bored at home so he said he will teach me how to make my own pizza.

15minutes in the oven.
it was YUMMY!
and i also had my comfort food!

i cant help it. feeding myself with cute biscuits make me smile!

here's a nice song for you before i go


(L) alphabet A
1:39 AM