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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

went to support steph aiai and her team at Dance works!

havent seen my aiai in ages!
(i look fat in the photo right?)

"Party Drugs?
We'll Rather Party With Dance"
Featuring 16 ft.

after the competition ended, x and i went to walk around vivo.
i would say i really enjoy her company!
she's my cutest, funniest princess.

first stop was Diaso
popped by to buy a star-shaped cup mould.
also, a ah gui light stick.
x got herself a flower light stick!

then x brought me to a pet store which doesnt allow photography..
if not i would have taken a photo of Chow Chow.
x pronounces her name as chou chou
i wish i can buy her on the spot.

oh well...
puurrhaps i should just settle down with hamsters

after that,
we went to every child's most favourite place

we saw a hoolahoop and started playing with it,
okay okay...
i sorta force her to play with it..

the man AND the boy at the back were both staring hard at this siao cha bor playing the hoop


i have always love all these miniatures

spotted Mac in the Barbie section
and u know why were we at the barbie section?
'cos both of us had no barbie toys when we were young.
for me,
i never like barbies.
i prefered guns, cars and loved masak masak.
my grandma was my playing companion.
i force her to pretend she's the customer and order food from me.

i think this is her new trendy scarf!

if i am a mermaid,
i won't be a sexy one..

this is my new luggage.
we left and went to outside for a walk...
this boy boy super cute right?
he just stood there for me to take a photo.
and after i did, he "yay!" and continue playing.

x enjoying the cookies i make for her
chocolate chunk cookies (:

bought donuts for Mr. Yensun and myself then headed home

(L) alphabet A
5:19 PM