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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Day Spent At Home

I ATTEMPTED TO CREATE MY BLOGSHOP and then this fucked up blogger, idontknowwhy just refused to let me do my own template. I really dont wanna curse and swear but....URRGH! ALL it appears there is LAYOUT and not TEMPLATE.
SHIYUNandXIWEN this is why I tell you I cannot create a template...
Can you help me? PLEASE please please.

At this point of time...I seriously felt like putting a plastic bag over my face and stuff a pair of stinko socks into my mouth and then tie a the plastic bag tight so that I can suffocate in polluted air and die. Damn! How about stabbing onto my thigh so I die of pain and blood loss too.

(okay, actually I just read a newspaper article about this woman who committed suicide 'cos of stress from work. and she did tie plastic bag over her face...)

On the lighter side, I decided to name my blogshop... muchacha
and the address will be justformuchachas.blogspot.com but so sad it's not avaliable yet.
muchacha actually means girl in spanish. I find it cute so I name my shop muchacha.

On a even lighter side, I've managed to hand-make a few accessories already.
Here is one of them.

Is it nice? Is it nice? Do tell me your opinion of this okay?
I wouldnt wanna sell something that nobody is gonna buy.
I have made a bracelet and another pair of earring but didnt wanna post it up frst.

Feedback, Feedback.
I really need your feedback!

(L) alphabet A
10:18 PM