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Friday, April 04, 2008

A day well spent.
I mean both $$$ and day well spent. (:

Finally get to meet all my honey pies all together!
They accompany me to BeadsPassion to buy all the things I needed to make my accessories. They were very patient as I took my time to pickandchoose there. Thanks honey girls. It's the first time I spend $120 on beadsandchainsandcharms. OhMyHolyGod. Hopefully, I earn the money back in no time. :D

After Jenny went for work and Xiwen left for dance, Shiyun and I headed to Marina Square. THUMBS UP to all the Diva staff there. I was pretty impressed with their customer service and the smiles on their faces made me feel so welcome.
And damn! I regret not buying that Roxy wallet. DAMNdamndamn.
We were so busy with shopping that we didnt even remember any photos until we settled down for dinner at Yoshinoya.

She looks like a beautiful angel right?
Look at on top of her head.

Our not interesting food.

And then we headed to suntec city. Most of the shops are closed by that time. Is it because i havent gone there for a long time, I just realised they have Browhaus, Gap, Guess and InQbox there already. I couldnt find InQbox after the one at FEP closedown.

Right now what is really bothering me is what I should name my blogshop man.
A friend suggested, Strawberry Shortbeads. LMAO.

I should make a trip down to Chinatown. (:
They have a variety of beads there.

Alright. Goodnight.
(L) alphabet A
7:14 PM