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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, April 06, 2008


Woke up, watch tv, tidy up my always-messy room and
camwhore a little before leaving for town to meet babylove.

At first it was me and then..
I found a new playmate.
Meet my twin..
Why are the photos so blur?
'cos I was kinda in a rush to meet him. I admit I was late already. ooops!
My main motive for today's shopping is to get my lil bro a present. It's hard to buy something for him. He's 13. Too old for toys, too young for more matured stuff.

Fill our stomaches at Paragon's fish&co. first.
My alwayyyys favourite fish and chips. Yummy.
When I saw these two pictures and I thought...

Life is like running on spikes,
especially those times when you're so stressed up and you dont have any time to lose. and running on spikes is never easy.

If only life is as comfy as a pair of socks but yet can be pretty like a pair of heels.
My timetable is not out yet. So slowwwwwwwww.

(L) alphabet A
4:47 PM