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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

hellooooooooo world.

Finally friday has arrived. I can finally sleep late tomorrow! yay-ness.

Today's classes are fun-filled.

Lecture was great. Ms Lie is so adorable that I don't think I wanna even think of pon-ning her lecture. I have made a resolution remember? So as much as possible, no skipping of lessons, any lessons. Especially tutorials.

Tutorial, hahahaha, was really really enjoyable. Although I was initially a little worried about the narrative speech because I didn't prepare any. Lucky me, I wasn't chosen today. But poor zy, she's the lucky number one. And, I really really have to make sure I prepare over the weekend man. The class really had a great time luffing with Mr John Ho. He makes lesson fun. So I guess seeing him every first lesson and last lesson of the week isn't that bad right?

He's the man.

I took some candids of my classmates...

He sits in front of me...guess who?
He's from PHS also but I'm not sure if I had seen him before.

Ben versus Han.
Oh no, is Gab having disagreements with Degui??
OH NO, Big versus Small...

Oh no, still fighting????
Nah, just kidding. No way will our class have fights.
Moreover Gabriel is the class rep, how can he bully the small?
They were just having a normal man's talk kinda thing.

WAHSEH! FIERCE! 2 bully 1.
They looked so buay song in the picture right? Actually they are all very friendly people. I just so managed to capture wrong expressions...

Mine & Zy's
That marks the end of last day of my first week of school (:
I'm looking forward to moreeeeeee fun in class.
Gonna watch tv now.

(L) alphabet A
1:18 PM