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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PINK is like my new white.

The 'No Ordinary' Designer Label
I saw this bag on Ted Baker's website and I just love it. I love bags which is simple yet pretty. It will make a good school bag isn't it? And I don't think I'll see people carrying it everywhere else right?? I want! Hmmmm...No! Cut down on spending, think twice. Maybe it's just a crush? RAWWH! We shall see....


School is fine for me today. Had good laughs with my new friend zy. Melvin doesn't look like that guy! hahahaha. Oh! Plus..urm...some of my stupid actions in class. -.-
And then we were caught in human jam as we walked out of school due to flood and the heavy rain. Grandma told me she came home in the afternoon to see flood in the living room. omg. I didn't know that the rain was so heavy. Stairs were flooded also. Corridors was damn damn dirty when I got home..

(L) alphabet A
2:04 PM