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Thursday, May 08, 2008

2 movies in 2 days (:

Cameron is simply always so beautiful. I just adore that smile of hers. That is one reason why I wanna watch 'What happens in Vegas' so muuuuch. It's kinda like a typical love story. But I would say that it has a certain charm, due to Cameron Diaz's sex appeal and ease with slapstick. Plus her onscreen chemistry with lead man Ashton Kutcher. Yummy.

What is more comical than the show was a weird and mad man sitting beside me. He laughs damn loudly at even not funny parts of the shows. And people in the threatre were laughing at him laughing. OMG. And I was so afraid that people will tell me to tell my "friend" to shut up since he was beside me.

I thought 'Iron Man' is just another action packed movie but surprisingly, it accomplished something so much more than what I expect. It is laced with a story that has substance and with some wit and romance. And I kinda like it. (:

Thanks for all those who dropped a message at my tagboard. And don't worry I'm feeling so much better already. Life still has to go on. Hee (:

And now I just can't wait for tomorrow.

~With smile~: Life is test which you either fail or pass. If you pass, it's a happiness to share with, if you fail, you can always improve yourself. =)
*I agree. Thanks (:

shiyun: Cin, dun get so upsad! if u need me, i'll be there for ya! I noe sometime life get this hard, but always remember after the thunderstorm will comes a rainbow!
*I know you will be there for me my darling. I know I'll always have you. I hope I'll see the rainbow real real soon (:

(: God put you on earth for a reason. and He wont bring you away just cos you want that to happen.
*Alright. Perhaps. (:

(: prayers do work. suicide isnt the only way out.
*I know suicide isn't a way out. I was just too depressed at my situation that's why I said that. At least I said out. If I didnt I could have really do silly things.

saint: dear.. u lean on me if u need a person to lean on.. and i'm sorry for the trouble to make u unhappy which mixed with other factors and made u feel so miserable..
*I didnt really say it's because of you isn't it? I think you're thinking too much. But as we all know I'm fine now right? Thanks for your care and concern. You know I appreciate it. (:

passer-by: hello. i see that you are kinda depressed. i would like to ask if you are a christian?
*Hmmmmmmmm.....wouldn't say I am.

xi wen: dear, wat happen to u recently? gt problems ? dun keep it to urself worx, i wan my true happy happy cindy back ok!!! b true to urself oo
*Yeah really have problems lately and I dont know how to handle them. Hahaha btu don't worry dear I'm feeling better already. You better make sure you find time for me if not I cannot be truly happy.Hee. Miss you.
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