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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, May 19, 2008


Went out with Qingling and co. (:
Went FEP then PS for a movie. Thanks to Shirlyn, we get to watch Drillbit Taylor for free.

P.S. All these photos are taken by her, I stole them from her blog. Haha.

Went to meet my lovely aunties for a short majong game at zy's house. After that zy left to meet her friends, ql left to meet her bf so shirlyn and I meet Saint and Fer for dinner at northpoint.

Today - Vesak day
Supposed to meet 9am at AMK to study with Aunties and the guys.
But they all HL and end up all late.
QL is the best, she is the only one who came earlier to acc me if not I'll be all alone at Mac. Saint is the "best" lah~ Sent me a sms saying he will be late and when I left house I called him thinking he will be on the way alrdy but he just woke up again. So bad! And that ai zai fernandes not zai today. He never rush down as he told me. All so bad.

And the worst thing is we end up didn't study a single bit. For me and Ql, maybe just that bit.

We went Nebo cafe after that and it wasn't enjoyable at all. Waste of money. My first and last time there. Food there kinda sucks, Games sets there looks old and not complete, most of all service is really lousy.

After that, went to play pool. As usual, funny things happen. Today not zy but that shirlyn. Laugh until I reall buay tahan. Laugh until can not even play properly.

Shirlyn loves me so much that she keep taking my photo.

Ain't feeling very well now, the headache is killing me. I guess it must be the weather and other circumstances and too little sleep.

"Do I look like your mother?"
P.S. Ql, zy and me got so scared all thanks to Fer's ghost story.
It's not that the story was scary.
It was the timing when the lights went off and Fer's scary eyes.


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11:18 PM