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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The sun is shining real brightly today. It's super sunny. It's great since Bamboo, Bimbo (aka Boob lady), Baboon and the guys namely Saint, Fernandes and Gabriel are going to East coast park to cycle. The initial plan is for the zoo and night safari but we want to wait for Qingling to go together. (:

On bus 76..

This is Mr Saint trying to act cool when listening to his antique MP3 -.-

Then he tried to act cute like always.
I only think that the seal series of fan and eye mask in so so so adorable.

In conclusion, he is not style nor cute. Oooops. He never style his hair today and he just have this silly looking face today. Lol. He is gonna cry when he sees this. Hahaha.

Initially we wanted to take 76 all the way to east coast but we had sudden decision to alight at amk central for lunch first. This is kinda hilarious since we waited like so long for 76. And we actually only took it to amk only.

At east coast, we just cycled around. Zy and I had some fun time laughing and chatting while we cycled. Hahaha. And that was when we got our new nicks. Lol.

This "shy" girl just refused to let me take her photo.

Oh what's that?

Actually got more photos taken but little did I know that they are being deleted by fernandes secretly.
:( So so so bad. Nevermind, there will always be more chance coming up. haha.
And poor shirlyn so depressed over confusing matters. Hope she cheers up since it is somehow solve. I didnt really dare to take photo of her. It only spells troubled and feirce on her face. Hahaha.
(L) alphabet A
12:11 AM