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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday celebration part 1

Finally I sent all the photos from my phone.
That day,
I did the dumbest thing ever.
I brought my camera out but without the battery inside.
I was charging it the night before and I thought I've put it back into my camera already.
what a pity man.
If not there will be so many more photos.

Dinner @ Mr Mussels.
Musselicous. What a sad thing I can't eat seafood that day.
There is a very funny waiter there who comes in with my mini cake and sunflower.
And he said SURPRISE! in a damn funny manner.

Oh, I love that yellow sunflower (:

Brought to me by my two precious.
Once again, THANKS!! many many thanks.

I was a little shy to walk around vivo with the balloon and the sunflower.

They made my day.
I love love love them.
I wish Xiwen was with us, but I love her too.

Made with tons of love from my 3 precious.
I love this kinda handmade gifts.
and this one here really is pretty.

At 12am, presented to me by RAYMOND (:

I am a happy birthday girl.

Birthday celebration part 2
Lunch @ Awon Korean resturant located at Excelsior hotel.
We had BBQ and Steamboat buffet.

The food there is nice.
But I didn't had the appetite to eat so I ate really little.
I wasn't feeling well and best of it all, my wallet.

Birthday celebration part 3

Dinner @ 黑社會 with Brandon and co.
minmin, get your ass back here soon okay?

Reservations had to be made earlier as the place is always packed with people. We ordered the dinner set instead of ala carte.

Pictures credit to Belle.
I was a glutton and too busy with the food.

Personally I really adore the sharks fin soup.
The sharks fin soup came with lots and lots of sharks fin.
Ohhh, not forgetting the abalong.
The baby abalone was succulent. Every bite is so soft and nice.

Thanks for the delicious treat guys! (:
And Brandon...where is my 19C ?

Alright all these are photos from yesterday.

If you think he looks stupid then you are wrong.
You will see the most retarded Cindy ever.

Trying to learn from the Gatsby ad.

Don't laugh!

Fine. I know I dont look as cute as the milky girl.

Mashi Maro?

This is the best.

Okay, I'm retarded.
Now I am seriously embarrassed.

(L) alphabet A
6:37 PM