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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Can anyone send me a pet puppy as cute as this please?

Class starts at 10am and I woke up at 10:30. How punctual of me. Lucky no test today, if not I'll be dead meat. But too bad, I missed the Hosting presentation for today.

For those who knows what happened at Cheers today.

Cin: What happen to your hair?
Joshua: What happen to YOUR hair?

Now, my aunties have a great time laughing over this.
Damn. I really forgot I just dyed my hair can?
And I wonder how long they will take to forget about Feast of Fury (fist of fury) & Onion Ring.

First pampering mani&pedi session with Ql. Loving it. Must go more often next time together. She's the same same kind as me and I'm glad we still attracts. heehee.

Tags Replies

brandon: calling for tua tou ang, pleaseee update. so disappointing to see no new post man!
Oi~ don't call me that here lah. embarrassing. You lorry driver.

yan: ur blog goin to rust liao.. update update!!
Here is my update. Miss you like crazy (:

huilong: what you mean
Do I know you at all?

LOL. this is a crude joke but I'm loving it :p

saint: take hui long la. i don't know who he is though. hahaha
Choy! No way! I dont even know him.

huilong: sin hui i love you
Please lah, stop your nonsense.

~With smile~: Just take the negative comment as a constructive comment and improve on it. Prove to them that you are not what they think of you as. Always stay positive even when you're in the lowest mood, cos' you might never know what you'll bounce into, for as long you take things positively. =)
Yes, you're so right. (:(:(:
I have a feeling I know you.

~With smile~: Well, fret not, believe in your clear conscience, and believe in what you think of yourselves. What matters is whether you believe you are what you think.
Yup. I'm perfectly fine now and I'm happy as can be. (:

~With smile~: At times, you might have to swallow our pride even though we feel we're not in the wrong. The world is created in such a way that there has to be a "give-and-take".
Hey, this is definitely just so true and I'm sure many will feel this way very often.

minmin: you have childish spammer. isn't it obvious you are being sarcastic? haha, dont give a damn yeah? you have great friends like me!
You're my love. Don't go aust, don't go aust, don't go aust even if it is only for a hol.

~With smile~: When writing or talking, words would come out. Once spoken/written, cannot be taken back. It's there for a reason. Every words is powerful. So, think twice/thrice/4times before what we really want to say. =)
Thanks always for your meaningful comments. I appreciate it although I don't know who're you. I'm sure you're a nice person.
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