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Friday, June 06, 2008


Xiwen is the sweetest girl ever ever ever.

She has full-dress rehearsal at NUS UCC on her birthday
so Shiyun, Jenny and I decided to go surprise her.
And we suceeded in surprising her (:
The thing is, when we reached there,we couldn't enter the theatre because we don't have a pass so we have to wait outside. And the stupid and fat security shouted at Jenny and Shiyun while they were looking for other doors to enter. So embarrassing -.-
Luckily, we FINALLY ran into Xiwen when she came out.
Seeing her smile, it's worth it all.

It's a pity my camera died on me.
And now, I'm looking forward to 15June.

I look cute don't I?
Anyway, that is my son named Pooh.
Look we have got the father and son top. Same Same.

Shiyun and I had lotsa fun and I really enjoyed myself. Also, finally get to whine and whine. And she is always my partner in actions. We do dui lian things together and threading together. Most importantly, we have fun together. Loves her. Loves the girls.
And today is finally the last day of school.
Yay~ break for 2weeks.
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liar: i lied. i lied to someone i love, and you don't, you won't forgive. i deserve it. sorry. sorry. sorry.
liar: sorry is all i wanna say
what can I say?

brandon: i driving lorry tonight again. hahaha.
lol. are you proud of it or something? your bro is cuter than you. too bad man. :p

xi wen: dear thanks for ur concern... hw are u feelin nw?
don't worry I'm fine already right? looking forward to going out with you and hope you like the presents.

gary: everybody who comes here will get the same bak zam as u......dieeeeeee..boycott!!
It's not bak zam lahs! Don't so mean. I hope you get bak zam. Hahaha, kidding.

yan: u r welcome! its okay, juz dun scare us again... scary lo~ i dun even dare to tok to u.. haha... and yes, yeongmeng is not only my fren... but more... =xx
so I think that makes you good enough to be call yan yan. 'cos same size...urm....hahhaha. don't kill me

saint: what table break. ym sit down then it will. btw my picture damn handsome sia..
not handsome. no way, ym more handsome. he is cute. (:

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