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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today is such a long and busy day!

Went to school to do POM project, supposed to proceed to interview Huici's father..
but we couldn't contact Hongwai so in the end it was cancelled.

After that went back home to change and then went to see doctor again.
This time for my insect bites.

The waiting time there really kills
Imagine I got there at 3.55pm.
Stood sillyly at the counter for 15mins to wait for the nurse to react to me.
(she ignore me no matter how many times I say, Excuse me, I would like to register)
This particular nurse really make my blood boil.
I feel like telling her that patients who come here are already very poor thing to be sick
but what make it worse it that we have to face a nurse who is as rude and impatient as her.
She doesn't have basic manners seriously. Her face is forever as black as charcoal.
And she is that kind who will spoils people's day.

I got number 14 and at that time it was only 8.
Then I waited till 5.20pm to finally get to see the doctor.
More than one hour to see 6 patients.
And I tell you, this is already considered one of the fastest waiting time.
But I have to say that this doctor is really good.

I jsut hope at least they have better nurse with better attitude.

That is my medicine. Doctor says i's extra extra drowsy.
And they really are. I have the doze off mood for the whole day.
And my disgusting swollen arm. My feet and legs are much worse.
So you won't see me in shorts nowadays.
I don't want people to stare at these bites like I'm mad.

Initial plan is to go Ikea with Saint but change of plan.
Went cwp to buy a new pillow and guess what we saw.
WOW. F1.
It's actually by Singtel.

After that we proceed to Cityhall to meet Gab and Han.
Han is forever Arcade, LAN, pub, club, pool and bowling.
Shopping is not his cup of tea so he left shortly.

Oh, we wanted to go topshop & topman to shop
but it says that it is closed for private party.
Then as we show our disappointed face, the person asked if we're students.
And plus, Saint is Fashion Fast Forward member so we get to join the party.
Wheee, 20% storewide, lotsa freebies and $100 to join member special.

Happy Pills.
Indeed happy.

Wanted to get these but the skirt and checkered top doesnt have my size :(
Nonetheless got the white top and a cap.
Gab and Saint got lots more than me, amazing.
Nevermind, I still have a 20% voucher for my birthday month.

Saint is sick. Too bad your head is still so huge.
Rest and take care please. School is reopening dude.

Oh man, it that saint?
look at that fisherman's hat.
Actually that is a weird man on the train.
He came in, quicky sit down.
took a quick glance at people and hide his face under the cap.
And hug his plastic bags damn tight.
Suspicious "article"
And I told saint if that is him,
those must be loots from topman.
When did topman change their bags to such "nice" bags?

I want a pet.

(L) alphabet A
12:41 AM