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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Today is sucha long day for me but definitely worth it.
It's time to think and plan for my future, I've decided and I mean it.
It's not child's play.
If a 20 yrs old can earn so much why can't I?

My thoughts are too hard to be expressed in words.
but I know what it going through my mind.

Finally gotta meet up with Kenneth Poh today after so so so long. Did a lot of catching up with him. Things and people really do change. It's scary how changes can take place.
Well, love is blind. Proven.

Damn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


This is awesome isn't it?
I wish I have such collection.

Tags replies (:

saint: ee why no update for so many days
here is my update you fatass (:

yan: wat wrong wit tat? y r u so shocked? hahaha...
yah lor, what is wrong with her wearing heels? zy is really pretty with heels. I'm so impressed.

shirlyn: walking dettol!! HAHAHA.zy wear heels?! omg!
eh, walking dettol very poor thing okay? I stayed at home all day. too embarrassed.

saint: hi kungfu panda.. i'm trying to be better
Oi. what kungfu panda. lucky never let you take any picture of me imitating as panda. phew.

Nagamasa: Laoz anyways the song rocks xia^^! I raelli luv it nice job SH good good^_^!!!
Great you like it. (:
havent seen you tag or online for quite a while. busy?

Nagamasa: wah wah>_< this one become a problematica O_o or confession box X_x
Oh well, dont know what is wrong with some people....

yan: hahaha.. thks!! =) so nxt time u wear heels, then we 'dun cha' tgt.. hoho... =xx ehhh, i quiet, u sae i emo/depress... noisy u sae i crazy.. wats wrong with this world? ... hahahahaha...
I just bought another pair of heels! let's dont cha together. but Im not as daring as you sia. do at mrt station. well, I prefer the crazy you. (:
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11:13 PM