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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, June 27, 2008

What am I doing at 1:33 am when lesson is starting at 9am tomorrow?

1. Online shopping
I really saw many many many pretty stuff today. I'm so gonna be broke.
Cindy Oh Cindy, choose one. McDonalds or clothes?
LOl. Online shopping is seriously a sinful sin.

2. Stare at the research on Teenage Abortion.
I have a terrifying debate tomorrow and I am trying to write my part of speech for the conclusion. I have all the thoughts running through.
But whenever I try to ink it on my paper, oh no.
Perhaps I should just start anything to get the flow going.

What if I go out and just lost all my ability to argue.
I can't think under stress or when questioned.

3. Flipping through Ikea catalogue
I cannot stop thinking about how my room will look like after the make-over.
I want this, I want that. I want this on my wall, I want that placed there.

4. Talk bullshit with Melvin the Mole

He is really good at his drawing.
(YanYan, he's better than both of us)

5. Emo-ing
I have been feeling rather emotional since last night.
Seriously, why?
I wish I know.
I have many issues. And I need solutions.
Good solid solutions.


yan: let go for a nerd party real soon! i wan to try tooo.. haha
haha. we'll not have mountain dew but we'll call mac delivery. Ours not nerd party can.. should be san gu liu po party.

Which is more funny? My helmet head or your POO?
HAHAHAHA! obviously yours.

shirley: hey girl, saw you in nyp today. called out but you didnt hear. hahaha. btw, nice cap! seldom see u in cap (:
thanks! oooh, sorry I didnt hear you. must call louder next time or wave to me. haha :D

saint: today double helmet... haha
I shall not be half or double. I shall be a normal helmet head.
And big thanks to that picture of the helmet. Must ask your sister to teach me hoe to bully you more. And learn to put sarcastic smileys behind smses :x

Alright. Random post and I shall go back to my work.
(L) alphabet A
1:44 AM