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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Finally get my laptop alive again!
it had been having its pms since last week
and it died on me since saturday.
I scolded it, slam it, kiss it, tried everything and ALL dont work

Raymond sayang it last night then it finally came alive.
naughty laptop.

last week, I was a bad student.
only attended school for 2days.
not that I wanted though :(

hate the feeling


I forgot what I did on Monday -.-


got myself a new phone W910i in white gold. not the best but I'm glad I have a new phone. wheeeeee. it's so much much lighter then N81 -.-

And, treated myself to french pedi and medi (:

Saint is a nice friend, thanks for your patience with me!


woke up late. lesson starts at 9am
and I woke up at 11:30am thinking I'm not late.
my body clock is totally spoilt.
thanks so much to insomia huh?
went to Ikea and a few other places
to see some beds and furnitures in the afternoon

taken at the arcade (:

then in the evening,
while on the expressway to tpy..
there was a sudden downpour
Raymond and I was all drenched.

so guess what,
I was running a fever at night.
lovely raymond sent me to see the doctor
in the middle of the night.
39.5 degree celcius.
well done Cindy!
couldnt run away from injection this time


Temperature went down aloooot thanks to injection.

Spent the afternoon at home trying to research for my speech but the hammering headache really kills. Was napping, researching, napping, researching, napping. wow. And researching on a a laptop that keep on clashing and without microsoft word is like so so so frustrating. ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I much wanted to give up and just MC myself for ICA.

donuts of encouragement (:

Lovely Jenny accompany me to FEP in th evening to buy a formal skirt. It's an excuse to get some fresh air actually. She's a sweet.


Informative speech on Social Enterpreneurship.
I definitely never felt so unprepared for such a speech before.
Quite disappointed in myself. I could have done better.

Went to interview Mr Ong (hui ci's dad) for our project.



Smile (:

I went home dead tired and slept like a log.

Grandma says I have to rest at home over the weekend to recover fully.
Raymond says I must eat more vitamins.
And I say I must sleep at regular timings from now on.

Isn't this baby adorable?

Then how about these???

these are Marzipan babies.

Definition of Marzipan:
almond paste; a sweet paste made of ground almonds and sugar, often with egg whites or yolks, used as a layer in cakes or molded into ornamental shapes

I recieved this email from a friend
and the subject was: Realistic sculptures of human babies.

After seeing these images, I was kinda amazed yet disgusted.
Amazed that somebody can make the babies look so real that they even have expressions.
Disgusted that it is a food. Anyone who eats these are sick or what?

Then I went on to surf around to read more about these Marzipan babies and I came across this website.
It says "The sculptures are the work of artist Camille Allen, who says she molds them from polymer clay which is cured to a hard, porcelain-like finish. According to the artist's FAQ, the hair is fine-strand English mohair. Each doll measures between 2 and 5 inches from head to toe and sells for as much as $1,000.

I came across another website which says otherwise
It says "Because--in fact these babies are not marzipan or clay. No--they're real."
OMG. read it for yourself, more disgusting info.

After reading quite a few websites....
I still have no idea what exactly is it.
I just found it kinda intersting (:

Replies to Tag

steph8706: haha... thx thx... must view more often...
OF COURSE I will (:

winnie: hellos, blog hopping(: u v chio neh. ^^
NO!!! not pretty at all.
Many many other much much MUCH prettier girls out there! (:
and thanks for visiting (:

melviin: hey that's my drawing! i'm going to sue you for copyright infringement!!! lol
:p you never put copyright that time hor! hahaha. and I praise your drawing nice eh~!

marilyn: thankyou !

Nagamasa: Haha looks like you gals are having a blast of time!! good luck:D
yeah, thanks to all my girlfriends. they rock my life!
you never come back celebrate for me :(

Nagamasa: Hey:D Gal how's ure shop doing anways:D?
LOl, havent been updating much there actually :p

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