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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

I know lack of post recently, I am losing the passion to blog.
hahaha. nothing much that i s interesting in my life anyway.

I love poko. (:
so cuteeeee.

I shall just pretend I am happy.
Nobody will know what is hidden behind a happy smile.
when I confided into a friend,
( she always have wise words for me)
she says,
Friends come and go, only some stay.
There are many reasons why things have changed
probably it's your problem, or theirs.
maybe you did something they can't stand,
or they can just hate you for no reason
I know how you feel,
the feeling of left out.
The feeling of putting up a strong front,
but the stabbing pain inside.
And when especially,
there is nothing you can do but just pretend.
she says,
nevermind girl,
cheer up!
many things take both hands to clap.
if you know what is the problem, solve it.
if you don't know, you know you can' do anything about it.
Just dont care.
You know what friends mean.
Friends dont leave you behind,
they walk beside you.
You have many other friends who cares,
and what about your other probems also?
So my dear, dont over stress yourself okay?
life still goes on!
you are so depressed talking to me abt them here
but they dont give a damn abt you.
so is it worth it?

I am glad I still have my precious darlingsss with me (:
we went for khappy at suntec
and sang our lungs out from 2 to 8, 6 hours!
haven't K for sometime already.

Then went to ms to shopped around.

Then had late dinner at makansutra.

Today, my precious shiyun did many dumbdumb things!
Can't stop thinking of them!
I can't say out if not she will kill me!
And anyway, thanks for being such a sweet listening ear always (:


Only photo today.

newspaper dino!

the story behind this burnt sock:
it was raining cats and dogs that day
so poko's socks were soaked when he reached his workplace.
he put them on top of the oven to warm it...
then when he went back to get them..he saw...

ehhh my friend, I am not this round yet!
she says I am becoming this round :(
Replies to tags

marilyn: do take good care of urself!! nowdays thee are too much of those germs-monster flying in the air
thanks! yeah, I have been falling sick real easily nowadays. haha, must drink more water and eat more nutritious food (:

peiqing :): hahahs. she is my pri-school friend! =D link me eh =DD
what a small world! yup, linked! (:

saint: omg Han!! why Han have same expression on all the 3 pics!! haha anyway take care of yourself
I will take care of myself. I don't know. But he got alot of expressions on your blog. LOl.

stacie: i look funny with the twist pic!! :0 haha. sorry.. i admit that my chinese really suck. haha.:)
hey, I think it's not your chinese. it's your choice of words. remember??? "I think I will have a fun time with your dad tonight" lol.

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2:36 AM