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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i had been too tired these few days to even like on my lappy. had been working and working since saturday. yes, for money.

after my last paper on friday,went for a horror movie (my fav) with bb.
it's NC16, thai. i just love horror movies.
4 little stories combined as one.
first one - happiness
so realistic and likely to happen.
started off like a muted show.
second one - tit for tat
but it is a good story and i love it.
third - in the middle
kinda weird but okay still.
i didnt know people wouldn't realise that they're already dead.
fourth - the last flight.
and to think, i am gonna take a plane to thai soon.
i suppose it's a nice movie if not i wouldn't even remember the story after like 4 days.


the sweet couple in the shop


i decided to take some photos of myself during lunch break on saturday since my face wasn't peeling so badly that day.
and, sadly lunchboxes has been pathetic these few days.
seems too budget. eeeeeeew.
today was a good bonding day!
alfida blanjah (treat) me, shuwen and su kie to pizza.
- pizza hut delivery to jbp.
for the first time, i enjoyed lunch.
there was chatting and laughing among the 3 of us,
and we ate outdoor with birds chirping and wind blowing. feels like a picnic.
unlike usual when it's solo lunch at the pantry.
i am also happy that i went to take over at lory loft for the first time.
although only for an hour but i love learning new stuff.
and su is a nice, friendly and patient lady.

enjoyed watching the bird show with sj and also chatted damn alot during work with her.

oh yah!
i caught a thief today.
he just took it in his hands and walked off. did he think i was that dumb?

i ran after him after double-checking with cashier if he had paid

me: sir did you pay for the item?
thief: oh my god!
thief turn to son: how come it is in my hand?

son gave a blur look.

thief dig into his pockets and i heard coins

then scolded the son and son said he didnt take it
(i know the father took it himself)

thief pass the item back to me and said: sorry sorry, i didnt know it was in my hands.

and continue to scold the son.


what kinda father is this?


time flew today! and that is great~!!

i dont know why i was so orangy that day.

work has been fine, getting better i should say.

got to know and interact with more and more people there. and it is true like what the others told me earlier. it will be less boring as i work there more. b'cos i know what is needed to be done and get familiarised with things.

sunday was funny.
it was raining cats and dogs that day (so heavy that there was flood).
i was in a rush to meet my sweets for steamboat.
people who knows me well knows that i dont take umbrella AT ALL.
so the plan was to cab down to bugis.
too bad, there was a long queue and there was no cab at the taxi stand even.

taxis just dont appear at the right time!

damn it!

i was like comtemplating in my heart, should i like force myself to take umbrella??

just then, i saw this girl from operation. she is called hui lin.
so i asked if she could shelter me to the bus stop.
and of cos she nods with a smile.
since there was flood with muddy water,
two girls under one umbrella
was like screeching and screaming as we walked to the bus stop.

can't help it, it was pretty memorable.
half of each of us was wet, feet soaked in muddy water.
and board the bus shivering like mad.

so i made a new friend
but that was how i caught a flu

now my nostrils are like running taps.
stuffed tissues and panadol flu tablets don't helped anymore.
so now, i am gonna take a hot shower and go to bed.


(L) alphabet A
11:35 PM