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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

i know, i know. finally an update.

no, i aint really that busy these days. maybe just plain lazy to update and see no point blogging about my mundane and uninteresting life. i shall spice up my life after exam ends.

and of course my hubs is still showering me with tender loving care and glad to say more than ever, especially when i am going through the most irritating process of skin-peeling.

the medicine which ive to feed myself everyday now makes me go hungry like just every half an hour, so i fill my stomach with strawberry honey stars. just as delicious as the original honey stars.

i have started work at jbp. it was not as fun as i thought. well well, i hope i can get more job satisfaction as time goes by. if not i will really be working for the sake of money, and i go to work looking forward to lunch, breat time and end of work. it can get really boring at certain times when there is no tourists at all. and i am really becoming a racist. oh well...

the black swan in the picture was the first bird i saw on the first day of work. i will post more birds soon. haven't really get to tour the whole park yet.

starbucks as usual to mug with peanut. i am drinking so much of caffeine that i think it has now lost its ability to keep me awake.

we were concentrating so well until people from behind the divider put their drinks on the divider. i cannot help it but get distracted look at the drinks every time their owner grab them down and put them back. fern noticed my eyes turning each time and she laughed so from then on we started chatting and even taking the above photos. she was like saying what will happen if she pushes their drinks. hahaha.

that is all for today's update. i will try to update more often. heeee, i still prefer a plain white and simple blog. hope everyone will have a great week ahead (:

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10:56 PM