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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, September 05, 2008

damn cool right?

went to city square @ JB
with baby today to repair psp.
was so so so tempted to change to the pink one but in the end decided not to.

i just realised city square doesn't even have kfc!
oh my, i wanted so badly to eat malaysia's kfc lorrrr~
in the end, i ate marybrown.

marybrown has those nice swing swing seats,
wanted to take a peekture but camera went dead so too bad. hahaha.

wanted to do pedicure there because it is cheaper but didn't have enough time so just shopped around a little. actually nothing much also.

bought this for eunicemomo.

omfg, i really have been in a bad mood everytime i hear about the shit in bkk
curse those people who starts the damn riot!
i hope everything falls back into place soon.
gonna book tix in nov instead of oct already. stupid.

i was blog hopping around, nothing fantastic until i saw this blog.
the blogger is cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
remember the McDonald's Ad for its Online Delivery? the one that has this guy with his hand which is a mouse cursor? he is the one - Lawrence.

eye candy

to know more about him, you can also go to this website.
at first i thought he is a jap but to realise he was in woodlands secondary. lol.


rebecca: huh, why are you there? attachment?
really they do remember your names? that is great. perhaps, i didnt get to see the sweet ones but the more scary ones. and i only went there to visit my friend who was there for conselling. so i only see those young patients. but i have to say some of them are really normal people. and i pity them because they are locked in with seriously mentally-illed ones.

siyin: no lahhh, it's more like my face is too raw to be seen. dont complain so much hor, you always dua me until i scared sia. hahaha. you can always come jbp with your darling to visit me as well as see cute penguines and talk to parrots :D

p.s. awwwwwwww, love my baby. and, i can't help it

(L) alphabet A
5:27 PM