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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

first attempt to make sushi with baby the other day is kinda fun.
i didnt know cooking sticky rice is so ma fan.
and baby can't cut equal width of seeweeds strips for the omelette sushi.
as i rolled the sushi, oh my, rice sticks all over the hand
wanted to take more pics but no rice on my cam pls.

(ignore my squarish shoulders)

school is fine today.
(if bhd occupies less of the space on the table, i'll be happier)
thursday = longest day of the week.
lucky James brought the lessons forward to 1:30 if not class ends at bloody hell 6pm.
oh yah. today we draw lots for the 2 cs icas. suddenly everything is like fast forward. next thursday will be the role play alrdy. duper fast.
time checked 10:23pm and i'm waiting for baby to eat dinner.

(L) alphabet A
9:55 PM