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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

haven't been updating the whole of holidays.
my laptop is being cranky. and now i am using m's laptop for the moment.

the holidays hasn't been extremely fun because i still have to work like 4days a week. but still, i enjoyed it quite a bit.

the trip to sci center after it has closed with rebecca and sj

"huh? science center closes at 6 arhh?"

see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil

since science center was closed by the time we reached,
we decided to eat Macs and then go and play at the kinetic park.

toilet break and proceeded to the omni theatre

we still have yet to visit science center again when it is open. soon soon.
anyway, TEP has started and I survived classical for a week already. seriously, classical is plain boring. and ICA is on wednesday. so fast?

nonetheless, i dont know why i am so unfortunate to be in the same class as the biatch again. omfg. like i told m, she is the ultimate of mankind. and for peace, i am tolerating. i really have to salute to my classmates who has been tolerating. they're wow. i would have blogged with all the fuck words if it was few days back. but nahh, time do magic.
(yensun, if u're reading this...you know who i am referring to)
if i can tolerate a person like this, i can tolerate any other human.

just one example.
she told my friend that i was repeating modules and she herself has a gpa of 3.4 so whose answer should be written onto the slides.
i was debarred not becos i failed.
i tell myself it's really okay. i didnt lose my temper.
but make sure she dont ask me AGAIN in class to help her to answer or go out to present.
fat hope.
another very simple reason why i cant stand her is because she make herself vomit after meals and now she is complaining she got no strength to change from gear 1 to gear 2.
how sweet huh? aneroxic.

on the bright side,
just tolerate for a few more weeks and that is it.
continue to keep my mouth shut and count to 10 in class. hahahaha.

(L) alphabet A
12:41 PM