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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, December 05, 2008

love is in the air!
well, but i'm having mixed feelings deep down there. whenever im alone.

idk y. and it kinda suck.
i wonder if honeymoon period is ever coming.

idk y my heart doesnt behave when i'm not with him.
presence is no doubt just physically being there with him, but i do feel better when he is right beside me. somehow, i feel secured and idk, assured?

perhaps everything started off so fast that right now we're still trying to adapt.
he is adapting to having a girlf. and me, having a super busy boyf.
time, trust and understanding is definitely being put to test.

idk what the future holds, but at long as he is with me now. im contented.
neither do i know how much it will take for us to work this out together but no matter how hard, im gonna try. love him damn much to just let go. i know he is trying already, and it's good enough.

well. what ive learn today is pretty much important.
i learnt how to go to baby's house from school.
usually is always him bringing me there on his bike.
haha. today im independent.
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12:10 AM